Morning Light

Number 3IMG_20140305_074719

I travel to work every day, the same station, the same time, the same route. I also stand in the same spot on the platform, a little while ago I noticed the dew forming on the side of the shelter and took a shot of it, I really liked it and posted it here, I have since always looked out for interestingness on the shelter and I have been lucky with these shots.

Number 2

These images have been heavily influenced by Saul Leiter who is one my favourite image makers of all time so its nice I have a few images that capture me in the same way his work does.

Number1 – this started it all.IMG_2116

This little spot gives me something to look forward to in the morning on my way to work and I will continue to look out for shots

New Look 2014

Whats New @365droidography


Firstly I have changed the theme once again. seems like my yearly tradition :)
Its a nice modern theme with a magazine style, you have to keep it fresh don’t you!

I cant believe this little space on the interwebs is 3 years old!
This was my 1st post back in Nov 2011


110 posts later and i’m still taking part, i think this is the longest project i have ever done so well done me :)

FOUND #VSCOcam images


Sometimes it’s just a case of being at the right place at the right time.

This is another picture processed with #VSCOcam,
As I use this app more and more i’m finding the options it has really very good.
I love the presets that you get and ability to process the images just how you like them.

Does this software make your pictures better?….no… it gives you options.

There’s more to come from me and #VSCOcam

In the Cloud


So this is my second image using the new #VSCOcam for Android.
As apps go its not intuitive but the results are pleasing.
you also get a free GRID webpage to display your images, mine is here .

You get a few free presets and some tools that are similar in nature to instagram filters, only you get far more options and if i’m honest better results.

Give it a try its free, let me know how you get on.


Find your way


I have been looking at double exposures this week. Wanted a change and wanted to try something i have never done before.
For some reason i have avoided making this type of image, cant think way?.
Its good fun and it gets you thinking . This one a play on words NO ESCAPE was made by using two warning sign
I have also gone back to my trusty Vignette app, it is the best “in my opinion” photo app for android.

++ My phone photography playground – Its all about seeing not just looking++


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