So Far

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project so far, I hope you have too. I have already started to notice things that I know I would have missed before. I have been inspired to start a project within this project, maybe even two 🙂 .

The Urbanist project, this will have me looking a little deeper into the urban world that I live in, not your everyday images like a Starbuck’s coffee, but behind the scenes, the other side to my urban life.

The second project is following on from the Vacant series. I would like to explore empty spaces that still have a reminder of who or what was there before it was Vacant.

I will also start to review the apps that I use and want to use. I must be honest my favourite right now is the Vignette app, it is awesome, lots of useful filters that I love to use, but more on this in my review…..coming soon 🙂


If you like this blog , or you like my images let me know.
Maybe you have some tips for me, get intouch.




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