Have I missed a trick?

Well 2011 is fast coming to an end, and I asked myself what can I do to enhance this blog, to make it bigger and better for 2012. I would like to have more visitors more comments and interact with people who also like using there android phones for little photography projects, but also people who like what I’m doing or don’t like what I’m doing. one of things I’m going to change for the new year is add narrative to the pictures, not all of them but where i feel it is needed.

As my heading is titled “Have I missed a trick?” I think seeing as I don’t have many visitors or comments I need to mix it up a bit, create more interest in the site. I’m not much of a writer, hence mainly photos but I get the feeling the written word is equally as important as the images I post. So I will write more…..these may be ramblings of a confused creative mind but better to get it out here than in the company of normal people, who I fear will declare me a madman 🙂

2012….what do you have in store for us?

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