This is a shot of #SaintSaviour live on stage, even though its abstract you can get a real sense of the passion she puts into her singing.

It was chance that it didn’t focus correctly, but i really like the effect. Sometimes mistakes are good..dont delete these straight away keep them for a bit and re look, there might be something you missed.


2 thoughts on “Saintsaviour

  1. Neal, I like the effect! I was reading a few weeks ago about a photography instructor that had a great class discussion around the blur photos and images people think are mistakes. He managed to take a student’s image that had slow shutter and blur, then turn into a learning experience. The points I picked up was to look at the image and see what story is in it. What you see and what I see or someone across the globe are totally different things.

    For this reason, I keep all my images and sometimes it may be weeks later when I review and see moments like you saw in this one. When you used the word “passion” to describe her singing that is exactly what I “felt” when viewing.

    Great job!

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