Your Vision – Your Voice

I read a lot about photography, “probably too much if I’m honest” and not enough time actually taking images.
One of the things that I keep reading about is Your Voice and Your Vision. What the hell does that actually mean?

If like me, you haven’t found the subject matter you like to shoot most yet, then trying to find your voice or vision is not an easy task. There is lots of waffle and gumph written all over the web and in books about finding your elusive voice. These are my thoughts on the subject…….

Your Voice
All photographers want to express themselves and try to show you something or tell a story, evoke a reaction or emotion. This is where your voice kicks in to play, how do you get the reaction you wanted. Only through taking a lot of images do you start to look at things differently, make your images more interesting and start to express yourself better. I think or rather I hope that at this point you will be able to express what you want to Say or Evoke through your images and start using your visual voice.

Your Vision
Again this is only my take on the subject but I feel that the your vision is the choices you make to create the final image. So you want to show strength for example, you could make an image of a muscular person, get the shadows falling over the lumps and bumps to show muscle definition make it mono..done and yes that would convey strength. Or you could take a portrait of someone who has supported you through a rough time and was strong for you and capture them how you see them, this would not be obvious but in my mind can still convey strength.
The choice you make to express this and continue to choose is your vision.
I think when you look back at your images you will start to see both your voice and vision coming through.

All I have to do now is put this theory into practice 🙂

Is this a subject that you have read about and also pondered?


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