Photo Apps I Use

Apps I use, and a little bit about them

  • VSCOCam – a new one for android,  a good all round tool, lots of nice free presets and a great free webpage to show your images off.
  • Retro camera – Nice filters, but I found the borders a bit annoying after a while
  • Fxcamera – good basic camera with some nice filters, not a fussy app nice and simple to use.
  • Vignette * my current favourite app*
  • Pudding camera – nice filters but I found strange distortion on my images?
  • Pixlr-o-matic – lots of fun filters and textures and overlays worth a look.
  • Photoshop express – I honestly find this app useless! dont bother.
  • finally instagram comes to android…I recently started to use this app and have to say its fun..I like the ability to share and follow others. The filters are ok, very much the same as other apps

Whats your favourite Android photo apps?
Let me know -post a comment



2 thoughts on “Photo Apps I Use

  1. I have a variety of apps for different effects. Its sad to keep one app for just one effect that can’t be produced anywhere else, but its worth it when the image fits the need. My go-to apps for camera + effects: CameraZoomFX Vignette and HDR Camera+. Editing apps I use frequently (some are also cameras): LittlePhoto, PicSay Pro, BeFunky Pro, Pixlr-O-Matic, PicsArt and Painteresque.

    Most of these allow me to do what I need to spice up a photo. Social photo apps with good effects or filters if you don’t overdo it in other apps: Streamzoo, Lightbox and EyeEm.

    P.S. I agree, Photoshop Express is a bit useless. I would say PicSay Pro is what I thought Photoshop Express would be, but even it has a few things missing for basic editing. Cheers!

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